About Me.

lover of life, travel and laughter. photographer, owner of FIKA cafe. the best mom. inspired by the romance of life’s serendipitous moments.

photo credit @documentographerkensington market, photo credit @ documentographer

D.O.B: July 19th 1980

Moon Sign: Cancer

Diagnosed with Stage 2b Cervical Cancer:  a rainy afternoon.  July 17th 2015 to be exact.

I am passionate about: life, love & travel

Things I love: champagne, yummy food, passport stamps, the hum of laughter, yoga, the sound of a piano, snow angels, coming home

Favourite camera: my first Polaroid camera from Mom & Dad, Christmas ‘87

Favourite time of year: Fall in my favourite sweater, when the lights twinkle

I am inspired by: serendipity and happy accidents

Words of advice: you’ll know it when you hear it

Favourite life moment: reading your name in a love letter

Favourite photo: the ones I shot this morning

I dream: in an ocean of sky

I wish: to be the change that I want to see in the world (someone important said that…)

I have: a bulldog and his name is Meatball.

I believe: in love, obviously.

My biggest loves: my husband and my 2 beautiful daughters – they are my life.

Favorite place: anywhere I find family and friends

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