Patient rooms & cancer binders.

Did you get your “My Cancer Journey binder?”

Me:  No… but what a fucking fantastic idea.  God knows I need something to put all my pamphlets in and all the endless pieces of paper with information I need to update my blog! 🙂

Hospitals are general cold places… they don’t typically update their walls with bright colours although I kinda wish they did.  The rooms that you sit and wait and wait… and wait some more for our busy and super smart amazing doctors are not the most enjoyable rooms.  The walls are an ugly off white colour painted years ago, old posters that remind you about cancer binders and supplies in which they may probe you in crevices you would prefer them not to.  Tools for cervical biopsies await for you like gummi bears and sour keys in a candy shop, except there is nothing sweeet about it.  In fact, it’s uncomfortable and now that I have a cancerous tumour on my cervical wall it is extremely sensitive and very uncomfortable.  Princess Margaret is a teaching hospital which I fully support, however, this comes with an entire grey’s anatomy style audience at any moment.  The bright side to having such an audience is that it doesn’t make the room feel so empty and cold – so I’m a fan of the teaching!



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