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It’s true… Ponycorns do exist.

Time flies when your having fun or… sits still for the best or possibly worst news of your life. I’m an emotional wreck. It’s been a crazy year. Life has been up… life has been down. But.. I’m happy to report that life is back up and rising to the highest of highs. It is with […]

Dear 2015…

2015, Hello again. As I write this entry, I have tears streaming down my face. The truth is I haven’t had much time to myself to write and this time has made me happy because I’ve been a full time mom for the first time in my life (truly full time because our beautiful and missed […]

28 days.

28days. I’m alive! Well… maybe those aren’t the right words, but I apologize for being off the grid. I’ve been shy to write, unsure of how much to tell and what you want to hear.   Just so we are clear… I’m doing ok, tired but good. Please let me explain… It’s been 28 days since […]