The bracelet.

Being diagnosed with Cancer is a strange thing.  Even if your ok with the news… informing people is like inviting people to an early funeral.  And… how do you really bring up the subject? Hey… how are you doing? I’m great. You? Umm…

All I could really get out a couple of times was… “I got the Cancer!” I mean really Nikki, that’s what you say? I know, I know but it’s just not a topic that sounds good anyway it comes out.

I think the hardest part about being diagnosed is the immediate mode that happens of you turning into a patient. When you first check into the clinic they print you out a wristband, which when you are seven and stayed the night in the ER and got a cast it’s cool to show your friends the next day at school. But… when your 35 and diagnosed with cervical cancer it’s so not cool. Maybe it’s the first reality that you are going to be a daily patient for a while. The next sequence of questions they ask you also sparks up some creative conversation. Have you told your work that you will be needing some time off? Do you have insurance? Do you have a strong family & friends support system? These are just a couple of the many and they are all valid questions.

Have you told your work that you will need time off? Yes. I spoke to myself.

Do you have insurance? Vic… do we have insurance? Yes. Yes we do.

Do you have a strong family & friends support system? Yes. Yes I do, but I guess that means I have to tell them what’s going on first.

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