Day 1. Chemoradiation.

Wednesday, August 26th 2015.

It’s Day 1.  Today I start my treatment.  Today I am officially a cancer patient & I feel great!  Ask me tomorrow how I’m feeling! 🙂

My treatment plan is called Chemoradiation. The doctors have said that giving radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the same time seems to work better at killing cancer cells than having these treatments on their own. The reason for this is not very clear but researchers think it may be because the chemotherapy makes cancer cells more sensitive to radiotherapy.  I have 25 external radiation sessions Monday-Friday & 5 sessions of Chemo (Cisplatin) every Wednesday.  After that treatment is done I will go straight into Brachytherapy for 2 weeks which is a radiation therapy where I am admitted to the hospital and put under anesthetic to receive the internal radiation therapy implants.  Here we go!!!


NLM_6306 NLM_6312 NLM_6314 NLM_6321 NLM_6322 NLM_6329 NLM_6333 NLM_6340 NLM_6341  NLM_6351 NLM_6355 NLM_6357

NLM_6360 NLM_6362

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