Day 10. Chemo

On Wednesday it was the beginning of week number three for my treatment.  To be honest, Chemo days are actually relaxing and I generally feel great on these days.  My body and mind has had time to rest and recover and my spirits are high.  There are a couple of different chemo day units, I was in yellow for my first two treatments but this time I was assigned to Red, it was a little more comfy with some more room and privacy. I’ve had very low magnesium so my days are a little longer to let everything flow through slowly.  Usually the Cisplatin takes 1hr, then the Magnesium top up takes 2hrs and then a 30min-1hr flush. Another amazing part of my chemo’s is that generally you are only allowed one person to sit with you, but Shan comes down and visits and she just happens to be a nurse at Princess Margaret so we get away with breaking the rules. I asked her to sketch in my book and you’ll see below what an amazing picture she did.  I am loving the sketchbook – thank you Laura Wils for such a creative mind and inspiring me to create one during this treatment.  I will do a post soon on all of the sketches so far! Seeing Shannon’s beautiful face almost everyday of my treatment has been extremely comforting and I’m grateful for our friendship for so many reasons.  My dreams have been crazy during this experience… seriously vivid and some very disturbing.  Friday nights and Saturday all day seem to be my worst days for nausea and waves of anxiety… my body seems angry and tired – it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, sometimes my fingers and toes tingle so much I feel like I’m floating.  Last week I dreamt that I was doing the dishes in the kitchen and I fainted and I turned to dust… and then like an amazing magical trick I reappeared again.  However, still feeling weak I fainted one more time and this time I turned to a large pile of sugar.  I’m not sure what it all means but I told Shannon about it… and this is what she wrote back to me. ❤

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (1)


NLM_7386 NLM_7383 NLM_7382

NLM_7410 NLM_7422




NLM_7458 NLM_7460

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