Month: August 2015

Day 4.

Monday, August 31st 2015 Oh thank god – I feel human again!  Yah!! So… we took the girls to the zoo.  It was so nice to get out for a day of fun and walk around.  I’ll post some pics of the zoo soon! I’ve also been spending this time with Vic to teach him […]


One of the most important things about going through treatment is resting and getting your body back into shape and prepare for the following weeks to come.  I have been feeling very nauseous and I’ve lost my appetite – good thing I have a personal chef to take care of me! rest1 rest/ verb cease […]

Chop chop. 

So “they” say that I shouldn’t lose all my hair with the chemo treatment but that I might have hair loss or hair thinning. I’ve already been experiencing hair thinning from post-baby so im not sure what to expect! I decided to go a little shorter just for fun… Might as well make the experience […]