Day 7.

Im feeling good today after round #2 of chemo, Dr. Murphy upped my anti-nausea medication this week in hopes that it will help me manage better with the nausea & anxiety that follows the tremendous waves of the nausea. So… Thank god for that! I’m pretty tired though and feeling very emotional today – perhaps it’s because I sent my blog out to some friends and family and now the reality of what is going on is a bit more real to know that your all reading and going through this with me. So… “Hello & thanks for visiting!”

Radiation is everyday Monday-Friday, the entire appointment from start to finish is around 30-45mins but the actual radiation therapy is about 10mins.  The radiation therapists are extremely friendly and very interested in my well being  everyday, they ask a series of questions that are the same everyday but strangely they ask them like its the first time, it’s sincere and honestly it matters. Hospital etiquette isn’t always the best, I’m sure we have all  had our fair share of bad bedside manor – so I find myself feeling proud to live in city that has such amazing health care & compassionate people that truly make a difference.  There are always sweet reminders in all of our days about the “little things” but may I suggest that we all dig a little deeper to remind ourselves to “pay attention”.  It’s easy to say “put down the phone – pay attention!” But I’m suggesting something more… If your going to be on your phone (because let’s face it – phone, text usage isn’t going away) try to excuse yourself when your in company that isn’t on the phone, that’s a polite thing to do and it suggests that what your doing is of importance.  Communicate.  Seriously people, let’s just communicate. And let’s all remind ourselves that sometimes the best company and ways of communicating are in silence.  Perhaps being a new mom has retaught me how to do this, I love newborns… They don’t talk they only require your full attention and every once of your love. It’s magical. There is nothing better than being with someone comfortably and know that you can enjoy one another’s company just by being there, and that’s coming from someone that talks a lot. 🙂 And… The next time you ask someone how there day is going, be prepared to listen and listen deeply. Make a point to stop, pay attention and make your company feel like they are the only priority in the world – it’s really the best gift you can give someone.  I know it’s their job to ask me how I’m doing and go through the list of terrible side effects I’m about to experience but when they make eye contact with me, ask me how my well being is… Pause, wait patiently for my answers, listen deeply and smile gently – it makes me feel like “my story” is my own.

This is my view from radiation…

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